Frequently Asked Questions

How will recruitment work this year? 

Great question! We will be following a virtual model to ensure the health and safety of both our Potential New Members and our Chapter Members. For Round 1, Potential New Members will view videos from all 14 Panhellenic Chapters, as well as our Multicultural Greek and National Pan-Hellenic Councils. During this time, chapters will view Potential New Member’s “Introduction Videos” and use their CampusDirector profiles to decide who to bring back for second round. After the first round, we will shift to zoom calls so members and Potential New Members can chat live for Round 2, 3 and 4! We will be utilizing a hybrid model for bid day. Check out the Schedule page for specifics! 

What does it mean if a chapter or chapter member follows me on social media? 

This means that they have noticed you plan on attending the University of Iowa this fall, and they are hoping you will register for Primary Recruitment! You are welcome and encouraged to follow them, DM them with questions, etc! We also encourage you to follow @uiowaphc on Instagram to ensure you are up to date with new information! If a chapter or member follows you, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a bid to that chapter, or anything like that! It simply means you are on their radar, and they want to get to know you! If you ever feel uncomfortable regarding contact with a chapter or chapter member, please email with questions and concerns! 

Do I need Letters of Recommendation? 

Letters of Recommendation from active/lifetime members may help chapters get more background knowledge of PNMs and understand who they are on a deeper level. However, each chapter has different rules and practices when it comes to recommendation letters. Submitting these to chapters will never hurt but are not necessary. Each chapter’s national headquarters should have a way for alum to submit these letters online, but if not, you may email the letter to and let us know which chapter it should be sent to! 

What does “mutual selection” mean? 

Mutual Selection refers to the idea that chapters select which PNMs they want to talk to again, and PNMs select which chapters they want visit again. This decision is two sided and therefore mutual. 

What does “maximizing your options” mean? 

When someone tells you to “maximize your options” they are referring to attending every single event on your schedule and selecting any chapters you have left in your pool by the end of Preference Round. This strategy ensures nearly 99% of PNMs wishing to join chapters get placed in one. It also means PNMs need to keep an open mind and avoid listening to stereotypes or rumors about chapters, and get a feel for each one in an unbiased way. 

Who should I talk to if I am unsure about continuing the process? 

You can contact to your Rho Gamma (once assigned) about any of your questions or concerns, or reach out to any member of the Panhellenic Recruitment Team. We are happy to help chat through your thoughts and support you in making the best decision for you. Feel free to email with any questions that may arise. 

What is the “dry period”? 

The dry period is the time from noon on the day of PNM Orientation (September 3rd) until noon the day following Bid Day when all PNMs, Rho Gammas, and PHC Executive Officers must abstain from alcohol, regardless of age. This is a rule that we take seriously, as we believe that the most success will come from sober recruiting, and is a rule handed down from the National Panhellenic Conference to all campuses and chapters. If any of these people are caught consuming alcohol, there will be consequences and a conversation regarding that choice. 

Should I make my social media private? Or public? 

Do whatever you feel best about! If you have already had it on one setting, don’t let recruitment be the reason you change that. Chapters will never use your social media to weigh decisions about your potential membership. A good rule to follow, is that if you wouldn’t let your grandparent or boss see it, don’t have it on your social media. However, it can be a fun way to show off your personality, style, and values! We know that with the world we live in today, it is super easy to connect with and learn about chapters and their members through social media! 

My parents aren’t so sure I should go through recruitment, what do I say? 

Great question! We recognize that there are tons of questions and concerns parents may have, so you can send them the link to this site, and have a conversation with them about all the reasons you are interested in trying out the recruitment process. For questions not answered here, please email

I have a conflict during one of the recruitment dates, what do I do? 

No problem! Email and explain the exact dates and times you will be gone, as well as a reason (if you are comfortable sharing) and we will work it out! Remember that chapters really want as many chances as they can to get to know you, so attending all rounds is ideal, but if there is a family emergency or event, or class conflict we totally understand! 

What is required of me before I join?  

Everyone looking to join a fraternity or sorority at the University of Iowa will need to attend a council orientation. Not sure which one? Check out our four councils here! We have three councils with sororities and three councils with fraternities. These orientation sessions are a broad overview of what to expect and what should be known as your begin your journey in fraternity and sorority life. 

Fall 2021 Orientation Dates

  • National Pan-Hellenic Council: Wednesday, September 1st 
  • Multicultural Greek Council: Monday, August 30th 
  • Panhellenic Council: Tuesday, August 24th 
  • Interfraternity Council: Thursday, September 9th

Joining Process 

Each council has their own joining process to bring in new members to their organizations. It’s important to do your research on the process for the council you are hoping to join. More information on each of our councils and their joining processes can be found on the pages below. There are student leaders for each council as well that can help answer questions and guide you through the process.  

Online Gold Card 

It’s a requirement that each new member sign the Online Gold Card. This includes information about the obligations of membership so make sure you have read it over closely! Once you have received and accepted an invitation to membership, you will receive an email to your uiowa email address containing information about completing the Online Gold Card

New Member Academy 

After accepting an invitation to membership, each new member has one month to complete the New Member Academy. This online course, housed on ICON is a broad overview of what it means to be a member of a fraternity or sorority at Iowa. The New Member Academy (NMA) consists of 5 modules that cover a broad overview of what it means to be a member of a fraternity/sorority, particularly at Iowa. The modules are Overview of the FSL Community, Academic Excellence, Health, Safety, and Wellness, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Involvement and Leadership Opportunities, Bystander Intervention. For New Members to receive credit, they must finish all 5 modules and take the quiz at the end. The New Member Academy is a requirement.

Once you have signed a gold card, you will be automatically enrolled in the New Member Academy on ICON. You do not need to do anything else to enroll. Questions about NMA should be directed to McKenzie Sauer. 


It’s important to understand the obligations of membership in a fraternity or sorority. These include financial expectations, academic, behavioral, etc. These can be found by talking with current members, checking out the Student Guide and the Family Guide and through the council orientation. If you have any questions about what is expected of you as a member it is vital that you ask! 

What if I signed up for recruitment but changed my mind? 

We are so sorry to hear that, but you can request to withdrawing by sending an email to and we will get that done for you, or you can reach out to your recruitment counselor!

How much does joining a chapter really cost? 

Great question! Below you will find the lowest, average, and highest costs associated with a standard year of being a chapter member. Keep in mind that these do not include the New Member Fee, however those numbers will be available under our Finance tab. Keep in mind that the typical cost of living in the residence halls is $10,640 when including an unlimited meal plan. Each chapter includes different perks of membership and allocates this money towards different things! We know it is a big financial commitment to make, but we are confident it is so worth the investment! 

  Lowest Average Highest 
Live Out $1,200 $2,101 $3,622 
Live In $7,061 $8,539 $10,720 
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