Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement

You will sign this form on Engage, and be given plenty of instruction and information regarding what you are agreeing to.

This form is called the membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement,
or “MRABA.” I understand that it is a contract with the National Panhellenic
Conference (“NPC”).

I choose to complete this MRABA because I participated in the primary
membership recruitment process (“Recruitment”) at The University of Iowa.

I consent to this electronic contract. I agree to electronically sign the MRABA.
These terms are defined by the Electronic Signatures and Global and National
Commerce Act (“E-Sign”) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”).
I agree that this MRABA and my electronic signature is valid, enforceable, and
binding under E-Sign and UETA.

Next Step: Continue to Part 1.

Part 1: Withdrawing or Continuing in Recruitment.
Initial one of the following options:
I want to withdraw from Recruitment.
I will not join a sorority now. I could join a sorority in the future by participating in
the continuous open bidding (“COB”) process. I will not complete this contract.

Next Step: Continue to Part 5.
I am continuing in Recruitment.

Next Step: Continue to Part 2.

Part 2: Show that you understand the ranking process.
Initial each statement.
By signing the MRABA, I understand and agree that each of these statements is true:
I am willing to accept an invitation to membership (“bid”) from any sorority I list in

Part 4.
I will rank each sorority in the order of my preference for receiving a bid.
If I attended a sorority’s preference event, and I would not accept a bid from that
sorority, I do not have to rank that sorority.
I understand that if I choose to rank fewer sororities, I might not receive a bid
through Recruitment.

Part 3: Show that you understand the effect of submitting the MRABA.
Initial each statement below.
By signing the MRABA, I understand and agree that each of these statements is true:
After I submit this form, I cannot change my rankings. I cannot add or delete any
sororities to my rankings.
If I do not receive a bid from any sorority I ranked, I understand I am eligible to join
any sorority later, through the COB process. I understand that not all sororities will
recruit through COB.
If I do receive a bid from a sorority I ranked, but I choose not to accept that bid,
I understand that I am not eligible to join any other sorority on this campus until the
start of the next Recruitment.

Part 4: Rank your preferences.
Rank in order of your preference for receiving a bid.
1st Preference:
2nd Preference (if applicable):
3rd Preference (if applicable):

Part 5: Sign the contract.
I have read and understand this MRABA. By signing or submitting this MRABA, I agree to be bound by its terms. I agree that completing this form electronically has the same legal effect of completing a paper version.
I have never been initiated into an NPC sorority. I understand that if I join an NPC sorority and choose to become an initiated member of that sorority, I cannot join another NPC member organization, regardless of any circumstances.


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