Opportunities for students to become involved in leadership roles are endless during your undergraduate experience; as a chapter officer or coordinator of a chapter event, you can develop valuable leadership skills. Chapters provide educational programming and workshops in areas such as time management, financial planning, networking, and job seeking. Outside their chapter, individuals also hold many other campus leadership roles.

Among the 10 Panhellenic Council Executive Board members, we are leaders or members of numerous student organizations, volunteer programs, academic fraternities, hold on and off-campus jobs, and maintain high GPAs while serving in these roles. Balancing academics with sorority life and other interests is not always easy but manageable and encouraged!

An individual chapter lays a foundation for getting involved in more significant leadership roles. Sorority membership automatically allows you to become part of the Panhellenic Council’s Executive board or delegation. By working with the individuals in your chapter, you will be exposed to numerous campus-wide organizations. This is evident by the large number of fraternity and sorority members representing the most influential groups on campus.

Being a part of the Fraternity and Sorority community provides the network and resources you need when looking for employment, Sorority alumnae understand the experience of being a team player while maintaining individuality. The desire to excel, both in and out of the classroom and the commitment to the betterment of the community, are traits that employers look for and recognize as attributes of fraternity and sorority members. For these reasons, sorority life offers an excellent networking opportunity. In our changing and competitive world, it is important to establish relationships with people beyond the University. Knowing and interacting with sorority alumnae can help build this crucial bridge to success.

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