Academic success is an extremely essential part of being a member of the Panhellenic Community. As college students, academics are our main priority when we step onto campus. Because there are such high standards within our community, being successful academically comes along with the sorority experience. All 14 chapters on campus set different expectations for academic success- for example, requiring a specific grade point average. This could range from 2.50 to 3.30 on the 4.0 grading scale. Although there is no specific requirement to join the Panhellenic Community, it is strongly recommended that you have a 2.50 GPA if you are considering participating in Panhellenic Primary Recruitment.

The Panhellenic Community sets the standards high, as the average GPA for all Panhellenic Women has been above the all-women’s average GPA from the past years. We believe that the Panhellenic Community is consistent with their academic success because of the support, resources, and initiatives accessible through being in a sorority. Academic performance from each chapter can be found on the FSL website:

The Panhellenic Community releases an Academic Resource Guide that contains a detailed list of all resources offered on campus. The guide contains tutor sessions, supplemental instruction, and other campus offered resources that apply to all majors. Members of the community also have the ability to ask their Academic or Scholarship chairs for advice and support as to how to succeed academically. 
Lastly, The Panhellenic Community offers initiatives and scholarships to promote academic excellence. Within chapters, there are unique opportunities to come together with your sisters and create a positive and productive atmosphere for academics. Community-wide, The Panhellenic Council hosts study parties, celebrates academic success by rewarding chapters, and overall promotes academic success. Other initiatives include the Graduate Exam Scholarship: an award offered by the Panhellenic Council that will cover the cost of one member’s Graduate Exam. Chapter Scholar: every month, individuals from each chapter who display academic success will be highlighted by the Panhellenic Council. 

-Audrey Patterson, Vice President for Academic Achievement

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