Understanding the Academic Obligations

The University of Iowa’s Fraternity and Sorority Life community cares deeply about maintain strong academic standing. To help you understand how GPA will affect your recruitment, we have broken it down into three “GPA Zones.” If your GPA lands in a zone that you feel will limit your recruitment options, don’t worry! Many people spend freshman year raising their GPA and go through Primary Recruitment as an upperclassman. These GPAs are all on 4.0 scales. 

Green Zone: 3.00 and above cumulative high school or college GPAs will most likely not limit your recruitment options. 

Yellow Zone: 2.70-2.99 cumulative high school or college GPAs may limit your recruitment options. 

Red Zone: 2.70 and below cumulative high school or college GPAs will likely limit your recruitment options.  

Please refer to each chapter’s spotlight page to see what their incoming GPA requirements are.  

If you have extenuating circumstances that negatively impacted your previous GPA, please write a “Letter of Appeal” regarding your personal circumstances and why your GPA is not reflective of your future as a student. You may email this one page letter to gc-phc-academic@uiowa.edu and it will be sent to each chapter’s leadership to review.  

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