Understanding the Financial Obligation

Each sorority has different dues and charges that are outlined in the finance section on each chapter’s highlight page. It is important that you fully understand the financial obligations that coincide with membership. Financial requirements may include, but are not limited to, membership dues, a meal plan, house fees, room and board (if you live in the chapter structure) and other programming costs.  There will be a finance presentation from each chapter during the second round of recruitment!

Here are some common cost terms and definitions: 

New Member Fee: this fee typically includes a badge/pin, New Member education materials, and an initiation fee. 

Live Out Initiated Member Cost: This is the cost when you are an initiated member of you chapter, and you do NOT live in the chapter structure.  

Live In Initiated Member Cost: This is the cost when you are an initiated member of your chapter, and you DO live in the chapter structure.  

Dues: Chapter operations, events, programming, and support for the National organization. 

Board: Food/meal plan 

Fund: Maintenance and restoration of the chapter structure 

Parlor: Chapter structure improvements 

Please refer to each chapter’s page to learn more about what is included in each of their associated costs. While we recognize joining a chapter is a huge financial investment, we truly believe it is more than worth it. Many members work jobs to pay off their dues or apply for scholarships from their National Organizations.  

Please do not hesitate to ask chapter members how they manage to pay dues, if there are other optional costs, and how their payment is structured.  

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