Chi Omega

Nickname: ChiO 

Motto: Cultivating a lifetime of purpose 

Colors: Cardinal and straw 

Flower: White carnation 

Founded: 1895 

Mascot: Owl 

Symbol: Skull and crossbones 

Philanthropy: Make A Wish 

Past Philanthropy Events: Wish Week and the Chi Omega Golf Classic 

Live in Requirement: 1 year 

GPA Required to Join: 3.00 for high school/community college or 2.50 for a 4 year university/college 

Legacy: mother or sister 

Values: Friendship, Personal Integrity, Service to Others, Academic Excellence and Intellectual Pursuits, Community and Campus Involvement, and Personal and Career Development 

Fall 2020 Chapter Scorecard Statistics 

Total Members: 168 

New Members: 42 

African American or Black: 0.6% 

Alaskan Native or American Indian: 0.0% 

Asian: 1.7% 

Hispanic/Latino(a): 3.5% 

Multiracial: 2.3% 

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.0% 

Race and Ethnicity Unknown: 0.0% 

White; not Hispanic or Latino(a) origin: 91.9% 

Hazing Investigations: No 

Average Alcohol Arrests: 

Alcohol Free Events: Complete 

Grade Point Average: 3.69 

New Member Grade Point Average: 3.83 

Service Hours Total: 615.75 

Average Service Hours per Member: 3.56 

Total Chapter Donation to Philanthropy: $0.00 

Total Chapter Dance Marathon Money Raised: $86,881.76 

Average Money Raised Per Member: $502.21 

Percentage of Chapter that Attended Educational Programs: 100.00% 

Complete/Incomplete Bystander Intervention Training: N/A 

Hawkeye Leadership Awards: 7 

Iowa FSL Awards: 7 

% Red Watch Band Trained: 3% 

Accountability Action: 

Please see the Community Scorecard for more detailed information regarding each category. 

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