Pi Beta Phi

Nickname: Pi Phi 

Motto: Friends and leaders for life 

Colors: wine and silver blue 

Flower: Wine carnation 

Founded: 1867 

Mascot: Angel 

Symbol: Arrow 

Philanthropy: Read>Lead>Achieve 

Past Philanthropy Events: Pi Phi gives you wings and Pi Phi Parlor 

Live in Requirement: All members have the opportunity and when they sign a housing contract, it is for the academic year.

GPA Required to Join: 2.00 for all Potential New Members

Legacy: Updated policy no longer gives preferential treatment to legacies during the recruitment process 

Letters of Recommendation: Not required

Values: The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential, and enrich lives through community service. 

Fall 2020 Chapter Scorecard Statistics 

Total Members: 149 

New Members: 57 

African American or Black: 0.8% 

Alaskan Native or American Indian: 0.0% 

Asian: 0.8% 

Hispanic/Latino(a): 8.2% 

Multiracial: 5.2% 

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.0% 

Race and Ethnicity Unknown: 2.2% 

White; not Hispanic or Latino(a) origin: 82.8% 

Hazing Investigations: No 

Average Alcohol Arrests: 

Alcohol Free Events: Complete 

Grade Point Average: 3.42 

New Member Grade Point Average: 3.40

Service Hours Total: 810.50 

Average Service Hours per Member: 6.05 

Total Chapter Donation to Philanthropy: $558.00 

Total Chapter Dance Marathon Money Raised: $24,289.21 

Average Money Raised Per Member: $185.43 

Percentage of Chapter that Attended Educational Programs: 100.00% 

Complete/Incomplete Bystander Intervention Training: N/A 

Hawkeye Leadership Awards: 2 

Iowa FSL Awards: 1 

% Red Watch Band Trained: 1% 

Accountability Action: 

Please see the Community Scorecard for more detailed information regarding each category. 

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