Meet the Officers

The Panhellenic Executive Board is made up of 11 officers, who all dedicate themselves to serve as representatives on behalf of the Panhellenic community. Each position has unique roles and each officer is an expert on their responsibilities. Get to know our officers, and read the advice they have for our Potential New Members!

Katie Stovold

Panhellenic President

Before going through recruitment, I wish I would have known that if you have friends going through recruitment with you, try not to talk about each of your opinions on the chapters. Your opinion is the only one that matters, don’t let what others have to say sway how you feel! Focus on your own experience and always keep an open mind!

Brooke Folkers

Vice President for Standards and Accountability

Going into recruitment I wish I would’ve known everyone is nervous, even those who recruit. Just relax because everything turns out how it is supposed to.

Abbie Hill

Vice President for Finance and Operations

Going into recruitment I personally wish I hadn’t been so nervous! Knowing that I wanted to be a part of greek life for so long, I felt that I had to try everything to fit in when in reality being myself allowed me to find people I could truly call my best friends. Finding somewhere I could call home was so much easier once recruitment started because the women were so genuine and made me feel welcomed. Finding women with the same interests and also not the same interests as me was so eye opening and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. My advice would to not be nervous and focus on what you want out of it!

Grace Aldrin

Vice President for Risk Reduction and Management

Before recruitment I wish I knew how much I would grow as a person after finding a chapter that felt like home.

Madison Holtz

Vice President for Recruitment Logistics

Before recruitment I wish I would’ve ignored the stereotypes about all the chapters. I was hesitant towards chapters based on the rumors I had heard or punch lines they were tagged with, but when I met with the girls from each chapter my whole perspective changed. Go in with an open mind, and let your heart guide you.

Laura McGee

Vice President for Recruitment Personnel

I wish I would have known that every chapter has great opportunities and being in a sorority is what you make of it. Trust your gut and follow where you feel most comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask the nitty gritty questions, and most importantly, be yourself! You want to find a chapter that most aligns with your true self, so don’t pretend to be someone else throughout recruitment!

Caite Hurley

Vice President for Leadership and Education

Before recruitment I wish I would’ve known that I would learn not only about the amazing chapters here at Iowa but I would also learn things about myself throughout the entire process.

Angela Nyunt

Vice President for PR and Marketing

Before recruitment, I wish I would have known to fully trust the process. Recruitment can be confusing and frustrating, but also wonderful and pushes you out of your comfort zone. The most important thing is to always be yourself and find where you feel most at home. When talking to members, think about who makes you feel like the best version of yourself and will push you to be an even better version, who makes you feel welcomed and at home, and who you want to surround yourself with during your college experience and a lifetime after.

Lexi Bauman

Vice President for Philanthropy and Community Service

Before recruitment I wish I would’ve known that everyone has a forever home somewhere one campus. Going through recruitment I found that every chapter can offer so many different things and it was a matter of which one fit me the best! The entire community has opened so many doors for me and others!

Alli Rux

Vice President for Academic Achievement

I wish I would be known truly how many people you meet just by going through the recruitment process. I was not expecting to meet so many people, some of which I still talk to a couple years later.

Karla Sierra

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Before recruitment I wish I would have known to not fall into affinity bias. For example, Whenever a girl told me we played the same sport in high school I suddenly felt liked the house better, instead of focusing on our genuine conversations.

Meghan Bullard

Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life Programs – Panhellenic Advisor

What I wish folks knew about going through recruitment:

You are making a commitment. This commitment comes with immeasurable benefits but it is still a commitment so make sure you are asking good questions and getting to know the organization.  

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