What To Wear Guide

Round 1 

  • Since you won’t be directly communicating with chapter members, put on your sweats or favorite Hawkeye gear and get ready to watch your chapter welcome videos! 

Round 2 

  • You will be communicating with chapter members on Zoom, so dress to impress from the waist up in your favorite cute casual outfit! 
  • Most chapter members will be wearing their old philanthropy event t shirts, or t shirts left over from last year, and jeans or leggings, so don’t worry about being too fancy!  
  • Pro tip: ACCESSORIZE with MEANINGUL or special jewelry! For example, if a recruiter notices your butterfly necklace and compliments it, you can use that as a conversation starter to bring up that it was from your grandma and she’s your favorite powerful female role model!  

Round 3 

  • This round is a little fancier than round 2
  • Most chapter members will be wearing nicer tops/blouses with jeans or sundresses. Think: brunch or summer evenings at a restaurant patio! Something you feel confident in and won’t be slipping down or distracting you while connecting with future sisters/siblings!  
  • Pro tip: The more confident you feel, the more positive energy you radiate so find the hairstyle, lip gloss, or top that you feel your BEST in!  

Round 4 

  • Preference Round is traditionally the fanciest round of recruitment. Pop on your favorite top or dress that you would wear to an interview or wedding! 
  • Most chapters will be wearing dresses or jumpsuits/rompers, and their badges! (Badges/pins are meant to be worn only with fancy clothes to respect the honor of wearing it) so they will be dressing to impress you!  
  • Pro tip: Posture is everything! It shows your confidence, energy, and excitement to be invited to their chapter’s special preference ceremony. Head high and shoulders back, you’ve got this!  
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