What To Wear Guide

Round 1 

  • Since you won’t be directly communicating with chapter members, put on your sweats or favorite Hawkeye gear and get ready to watch your chapter welcome videos! 
  • In your Videos, you only have to look nice from the top up! There is no specific requirement for this just something that makes you feel confident!
    • Our recommendations would just be a nicer top (maybe something you’d wear to a dinner with your parents/ grandparents) and some comfy sweats!

Round 2 

  • This will be your first round interacting with chapters in person!
  • All chapter members will be wearing a different version of the shirt to the left!
  • We recommend pairing this shirt with your favorite jeans/ pants / or skirt! (most chapters will be wearing these shirts with jeans so don’t worry about being too fancy!
  • Pro tip: ACCESSORIZE with MEANINGUL or special jewelry! For example, if a recruiter notices your butterfly necklace and compliments it, you can use that as a conversation starter to bring up that it was from your grandma and she’s your favorite powerful female role model!  

Round 3 

  • This round is a little fancier than round 2
  • Most chapter members will be wearing nicer tops/blouses with jeans or sundresses. Think: brunch or summer evenings at a restaurant patio! Something you feel confident in and won’t be slipping down or distracting you while connecting with future sisters/siblings!  
  • Pro tip: The more confident you feel, the more positive energy you radiate so find the hairstyle, lip gloss, or top that you feel your BEST in!  

Round 4 

  • Preference Round is traditionally the fanciest round of recruitment. Pop on your favorite top or dress that you would wear to an interview or wedding! 
  • Most chapters will be wearing dresses or jumpsuits/rompers, and their badges! (Badges/pins are meant to be worn only with fancy clothes to respect the honor of wearing it) so they will be dressing to impress you!  
  • Pro tip: Posture is everything! It shows your confidence, energy, and excitement to be invited to their chapter’s special preference ceremony. Head high and shoulders back, you’ve got this!  

Bid Day!

  • This is the day you discover what chapter you’re joining!
  • On this day we’d recommend your favorite neutral bottoms (jeans, black, white) as you’ll be receiving new clothes from your chapter to wear !
  • As for tops we’d recommend something easy to throw something else over, or easy to take off!
  • Once again it is most important that you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident as all chapters will love you as you are!

Most Important!

All of the guidelines above are simply suggestions. We want you to feel the most comfortable and confident as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out Laura McGee at gc-phc-recruitperson@uiowa.edu

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