Tech Support

Technology is great when it allows us to span time and distance to be together, but it is not perfect! Anticipate any technology issues ahead of time by ensuring you have access to a computer and/or phone with a Webcam and Microphone, strong WiFi signals, and chargers ready to go!

If you do NOT have access to reliable WiFi, a computer/phone, or headphones, please contact Maddee Whitehead at so we can work to get you the access you need!

Below you will find super helpful information regarding the main technology issues you may encounter throughout the course of Primary Recruitment!

Your Rho GammaFinding links, getting kicked off a call, etc.24/7GroupMe or text message
Recruitment HeadquartersNeed to use an on-campus computer or other accommodations, Rho Gamma isn’t responding24/7Zoom Code: TBD
UIowa ITS Help DeskLog in and password info, eduroam WiFi connectivity8am-5pm(319) 384-4357
Zoom Tech SupportWebcam/Microphone issues, chat/break-out room issues24/7(888) 799-9666

Preventative Measures

  • Be aware of any “dead zones” in your room and avoid them!
  • Test out your WiFi and Zoom skills ahead of time!
  • Have a back up plan for where you can go if your WiFi is struggling. We will have computers available in the IMU, contact Recruitment Headquarters for that!

Poor Call Quality

o Do the best you can!
o Use body language or non-verbal cues like “thumbs or down” to indicate a poor
o Communicate briefly via the chat if you can’t hear and see folks.
o Turn off a virtual background.
o Talk slowly and move less.
o Turn off your camera to still be able to hear conversations.
o Take a big deep breath and know that the other person in the call understands exactly what you are going through- it’s not that big of a deal!
o Leave and rejoin the call only as a last resort

If a chapter member or PNM leaves the call

o Take a big deep breath and know that the other person in the call understands exactly
what you are going through- it’s not that big of a deal!
o The PNM or active member should immediately rejoin the calls waiting room.
o The event “host” should admit them from the waiting room and send them to their
designated breakout room immediately.
o Interruptions longer than 10 minutes will be considered for rescheduling.
o PNMs should report an interruption ASAP to their Rho Gamma.
o Chapters should report an interruption longer than 10 minutes to Panhellenic via the hotline.

If you miss more than half the event due to technology issues

  • Make sure you contact your Rho Gamma immediately if you get kicked off a call, and again the minute you are able to get back on so we can determine if you need to be added to another event!
  • Panhellenic will do our best to move you into another time-slot with that chapter if it fits in your schedule!
  • If there isn’t an open slot in your schedule, you will be given the opportunity to connect again during a make up round at the end of the day!
  • Do not submit preferences until you are sure you are not attending a Make-Up Round!
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